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Battle Field (whole)

Jeanette Cook

Battle Field

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A draught board design approximately 30cm square, with fused glass discs forming black and white ‘armies’, this piece may function as a decorative game if you so wish. However, it too was made for ‘The Space Between’ exhibition and it was not created as a game.  It was formed as a metaphor for the lack of empathy, the gaps in understanding, that so often seem to arise between human beings, resulting in conflicts both large (international warfare, bloodshed and mayhem) and small – those misinterpretations and misconstructions that can sometimes cause small but painful rifts in our personal relationships.

Each black and white square, made from a mixture of matt and iridescent glasses, is cracked and crazed.  The fissures, filled with red glass, separate many of the squares and track like scars across the whole piece.  But the surface is smooth and glossy, holding the individual elements together in one harmonious piece.  If only this would happen in the real world!

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