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Ruth Dent

If you would like to discuss a project commission involving
Ruth Dent or further information on Ruth's work
please contact Ann Walker-Parry at
Artist-printmaker Ruth Dent expresses her emotional response to music,
literature and live performance through colourful and gestural abstracts.
Working on an interpretation, she endeavours to capture its essence in visual form,
taking into account its purpose, meaning, history, location and connections with places
and/or people associated with the piece.  

Recent bodies of work include interpretations of Choral Evensong, John Ireland’s Te Deum in F, Britten’s War Requiem and Virginia Woolf’s first novel, ‘The Voyage Out’.

Broken grids appeared unexpectedly in her work last year.  Intrigued by their appearance, Ruth wrote: ‘grids represent a veil - allowing glimpses beneath, while distorting, hiding, shading, holding back. Is this something to do with the spirit - which is unseen yet its presence is felt, known, acknowledged and simultaneously hidden from view?’
Exploring these grids is her current focus, utilising print, paint, linen thread and flax.
Ruth works from a studio 48 steps above Rochester High Street and has an enviable view of both the Castle and Cathedral. And when visiting France she again uses a studio that’s tucked beneath the roof!

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