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extraordinary art by emerging artists

Fenster Art is a pipeline to exciting work by fresh creative talent. If you want generic paintings by the square metre, you’re better off with IKEA. If you’re interested in original vibrant work in a range of media to invigorate, relax, or otherwise respond to a space that matters to you, let’s talk.

A 2011 study by the University of London showed that people experience an increase in blood flow to the area of the brain associated with joy when they see a beautiful painting. It’s comparable to the response we have when we’re with someone we love. That explains why three-quarters of workers in Britain would like art in their workplace…but less than half get to experience any.

Those two facts together explain what we do. We’re all about connecting people to beauty in many shapes and forms from an international creator base whose work we are passionate about. 

CORPORATE clients report that the art we provide them access to is good for morale and motivation, even helps productivity. No surprise – showing people you care about the environment they work in tells people they’re valued.

HOSPITALITY professionals know that ambience is crucial to the quality of experience people report having in a restaurant, club, or pub. Mood is heightened by visual art – it can be relaxing, exciting, provocative.

HOTEL settings are livened with suitable art. Statues, paintings, textile work…all help convey the kind of atmosphere that guests value. Put the right art in the right space, and the subjective value of the experience can be impossible to calculate.

INTERIOR DESIGN is all about curation and placement to maximise the potential of space. Art can be an invaluable part of the aesthetic texture of a room, and we’re able to arrange for bespoke commissions for that truly personal touch.

EXHIBITIONS can be transformed by the power of art. Some well-chosen pieces with the right kind of scale and drama can be a real attention-grabber at business or charity events, create a focal point that puts attention where you want it.

ART INSTALLATIONS can make a bold statement. They’re great for tying in to environments, in indoor settings like an innovation centre or conference hall or outside – a mural responding to local history, a work of art interacting with a building…original and memorable.


  • Paintings
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Glass Art
  • Ceramics
  • Limited editions
  • Furniture

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Ann Walker-Parry  +44 (0)7785 712506

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